Gus's day out

Last week Mom worked from home so I could get used to being in my crate all day. Luckily she still had time to take me on an adventure!

First we went to see Dad at work. I met Dad's coworkers. One of them said I was so cute, it was disgusting and that under no circumstances was I to meet his wife. I wonder why he would say that? I bet she is really nice. Dad's work was pretty fun. I ate a bug and found the scraps of zip ties on the floor of the hangar. Those were really fun to chase around. I watched a couple airplanes come and go. Mom said she will take me for a ride in her airplane when I get a little bigger. Dad was getting ready to work on another husky. It didn't look like any husky I've seen before!

Mom and Dad took me to McAlister's for lunch. It was a nice day so we sat outside. I looked at people through the window and then they came out and pet me once they were done with their food. That was kind of fun. I'm getting more adventurous about meeting new people.

Dad had some sweet tea that looked pretty tasty. He was really rude and did not share it!

While Mom and Dad ate their lunch, I waited patiently. No one brought me any lunch, but I guess I'll forgive them.

After we took Dad back to work, Mom and I went to Tomlinson's to do a little shopping. Mom picked out a new food dispensing ball for me and I pulled a Wubba off the shelf, so she got that for me too. Then I found this row of tasty things to eat. I pulled out a piece of kangaroo jerky, so Mom let me get that too and I ate it in the car on the way home. Tasty!

I can't wait for my next adventure.


This is how you do it

It's scary here!