Paying the Toll

by Steve, Kat, & Gus

Before the pups get to go for a walk, they have to pay the toll. The cost for a walk is a nice sit and stay at the front door. Kat is the best at paying her toll. It takes the boys much longer to sit. As you can see in this picture, Kat got tired of waiting on them to sit and eventually laid down. Steve is good at staying, but would prefer not to have to sit. Gus is the slowest, but I think he is getting better. He’s the fastest to sit for a treat, but I guess going for a walk is not as good.


Merry Christmas!

by Steve, Kat, & Gus

We hope all of our reader are having a very Merry Christmas. We are having a calm and relaxing day at home.

We started the morning by opening our presents. The pups received a variety of treats from Santa. The pups got me this gift basket. I told David a while back that I’ve always wanted to get a random gift basket, so apparently Steve, Kat, and Gus went to Costco and got me the biggest one.


Then it was time to open our stockings. Stockings are one of my favorite things about Christmas. My mom always put lots of good stuff in our stockings. My stocking was knitted and extra long, so there was lots of room for things in it. My current stocking is not so big, but David does a really good job making sure it’s filled with great stuff.

Here’s Steve opening his stocking.

Next it was time for Kat to open her stocking. 

You might be noticing a trend in the stockings. Kat doesn’t like bully sticks though, so she got a turkey and pumpkin chew that we found at the pet bakery. 

Finally it was Gus’s turn. Gus waited very patiently while the others opened their stockings.  (You can also see the pups’ treat haul in the recliner.)

While the pups enjoyed their snacks, David and I opened our stockings. No video, but David got some beef jerky, nuts, gum, toothpaste, mouthwash, chap stick, Q-tips, a Big A$$ bar of soap (literally, that’s what it’s called), a wireless charger for his phone, and some Reese’s PB cups.


My stocking had Hot Tamales, Sour Patch Kids, hot chocolate, PB cups, mouthwash, Q-tips, nail file, coloring book, coloring markers, some office supplies, socks, and probably some other things I’m forgetting.


We had a yummy lunch of turkey, mashed potatoes, hash brown casserole (because David couldn’t decide which potato dish he wanted), green beans, and cheesecake bars for dessert. No family member was left out.


Since lunch, we’ve been napping. Gotta sleep off all that turkey! 

What’s in the box??

by Steve, Kat, & Gus

Our doorbell chime hasn’t been working, so we got a new one. This one has several different options for the chime. One chime in particular perplexed Gus. 

Gus’s favorite day of the month

by Steve, Kat, & Gus

We got our December Barkbox last night. That made me realize that I forgot to post about the November Barkbox, even though I took pictures of everything. I’m going to play catch up today. 

Gus loves when we get the Barkbox because he gets new toys. He loves new treats too. 

The November box had a fall/Thanksgiving theme. It included a lumberjack hedgehog. 


And an acorn. (Gus was too busy playing with the lumberjack to pay attention to the acorn. Kat decided later that the acorn is hers. 


The November treats included some cranberry and duck treats shaped like pie wedges and in a box that looks like an oven. Cute! 


They also got a moo tube and some bacon flavored apple cider donuts. Those items were both a hit. I think I gave the tube to Steve. He loves them. 


Here’s a video of Gus playing with the hedgehog. He loves to play with toys. I think Gus could be a surgeon because he is very good at cleanly removing the squeaker from a toy while the remainder of the toy remains in tact, then he no longer has any interest in the toy. I wish he would just destroy the toy while removing the squeaker because then I would know it should go in the trash. As it is, the toys are basically still perfectly good, just sans squeakers! 

Hopefully I’ll remember to post about the December Barkbox while it is still December!