In the family justice system, pets are considered family and have their  place in the hierarchy of the family system: the parents, who try to keep everything in order, the pups, who mean well but can be a handful, and the cat, who can be pure evil.  These are their bios.


Name: Katherine Olivia, AKA Kat, AKA Girlie

DOB: 10/14/2006

Sex: Female

Rank: Canine Lieutenant

Strengths: Kat is a born leader.  She has kept her pack in order since birth, barking out instructions whenever situations arise.  She has been trained in agility, canine good citizenry, and solving trickery.  She is also a master manipulator and can get others to do what she needs done.

Weaknesses: Kat tends to have a licking problem but is in denial and has not taken the proper steps to kick the habit.  Kat cares mostly about herself and will step on anyone that gets in her way and has been known to let Steve take the fall for her own mistakes.  She can have extreme mood swings and will sometimes lash out with no real provocation.  

Cases Worked: The Squatting Possum (solved), The Phantom Possum (ongoing), The Underground Conspiracy (ongoing), The Missing Cuz (solved), Where's Dad? (solved)

Achievements: Canine Good Citizen (CGC)


Name: Steven Oliver, AKA Steve, AKA Buddy

DOB: 10/14/2006

Sex: Male

Rank: Canine Detective

Stengths: Steve is an ideal detective and will remain persistent to solve the case no matter the consequences.  He tends to make an ideal partner in that he will always step up when his talents are needed.  He is not shy to ask the tough questions and demand action.  Steve is also quite skilled at searching pizza crusts for hidden weapons and interrogating criminals that have been cornered.

Weaknesses: Steve has a tendency to ignore direct orders and play by his own rules unless there is enough motivation to follow suit.  Steve's constant persistence and determination can interfere with following the correct protocol.  

Cases Worked: The Trespassing Squirrel (solved), The Assaulting Birds (solved), The Annoying Chickens (ongoing), The Squatting Possum (solved)

Achievements: Canine Good Citizen (CGC)


Name: Polargold's Celestial Explorer, AKA Gus

DOB: 1/1/2016

Sex: Male

Rank: Canine Gumshoe

Stengths: TBD

Weaknesses: TBD  

Cases Worked: TBD

Achievements: TBD


Name: Valerie, AKA Mom

DOB: Classified

Sex: Female

Rank: Chief

Strengths: Valerie is extremely intelligent and a born leader.  She is excellent at managing her time and the time of her subordinates.  She puts together plans and executes to those plans perfectly.  She has talents such as cooking, quilt making, and blogging.  She does the dirty jobs (dog grooming, dog dental cleanses, laundry, making husband happy) that normal day to day life demands and does it with a smile on her face.  

Weaknesses: Valerie sometimes can not control herself when around stupidity.  This could result in explosive outbursts if stupidity is too much to handle.  The criminal Wilbur is a big weakness as well.  His attacks immobilize her at times.  She has a weakness for sad puppy/husband faces and will give in to their demands.  

Cases Worker: The Smell from Downstairs (solved), The Cratered Yard (solved), The Wet Carpet (solved), The Wet Dog Bed (solved), The Ugly Backyard (solved)

Achievements: B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, M.S. in Engineering Management, J.D.


Name: David, AKA Dad

DOB: Classified

Sex: Male

Rank: Captain

Strenghts: David is an idea man, always coming up with good ideas to persue.  Once he gets working on one of his good ideas, he emerses himself in the work and will only settle for perfection.  David prides himself in his physical accomplishments such as heavy lifting jobs, biking to work, and running with his team.  He has perfect balance and can manage to control himself on a bike or on rollerblades with either Detective Steve or Lieutenant Kat attached to him.  David an excellent problem solver and works well under pressure such as when having to repair plumbing issues that have potential to be disasterous.  He is also good at examining evidence at crime scenes and disposing of biological crime scene evidence once it has been studied.

Weaknesses: David can be a bit lazy sometimes.  It can be a real challenge to get him motivated to do all the things he's good at doing.  David has a bit of a memory problem as well in that he always seems to forget to do things or even forgets some of his own brilliant ideas never to be thought of again.  He can also be mesmerized with any movie/tv show that is on and can not be torn away from it until it has finished.  

Cases Worked: The Leaky Ceiling (solved), The Toilet Problem (solved), The Cratered Yard (solved), The Mole Issue (unsolved), The Escaping Dogs (solved), The Ugly Backyard (solved), The Mossy Roof (solved)

Achievements: B.S. in Aerospace Engineering


Former Team Members



Name: Wilbur Kittyhawk, AKA Wilbinator, AKA Wilbur Dilber

DOB: 4/1/2005

Sex: Male

Career: Feline for hire

Strenghts: Wilbur is as sneaky as they come.  He can be in one location one moment just when you think its safe to open a door and the next thing you know, he's already outside.  He is very fast and has at times been so fast that he has almost caught the laser dot he was chasing.  He has razor sharp claws and can tear through flesh with hardly any effort.  His claws have also been used for climbing structures in attempts to escape capture and to shred anything he can get his claws on.

Weaknesses: Wilbur can't stand water guns and will immediately stop his current crime if he even senses a water gun nearby.  He lets curiosity get the better of him and almost always gets himself in trouble when he lets curiosity take over.  He barely weighs anything and therefore can be lifted with hardly any effort.  Wilbur's biggest weakness comes in the form of Lieutenant Kat and Detective Steve.  They almost act as a kryponite for him when it comes to him committing crimes.

Crimes Committed: Mom Mutilation, Assaults on Dad, Curtain Climbing, Counter Food Stealing, Couch Shredding, Escaping Custody, Bed Shredding, Violating Toys