This is how you do it

Last weekend, Kat and I went for a run with Mom and Dad. We covered about 5 miles and while we tried to start early in the morning, it was H-O-T when we got home. Dad decided that it would be a good idea if we cooled off in our pool.

So off we went to the backyard for a swim. While Dad was filling up the pool, Kat did some relaxing.

She has terrible form. Did you see how she puts her entire body in the water? Even her tail! Crazy. Notice how I just put my front half in the water. The rear fur, especially the tail, must never get wet!

Next it was time for Gus to try swimming. It was immediately clear to me that Gus did not know what he was doing. I decided to step in and teach him the right way to swim in the pool.

I hope he took notes on the lessons I gave him!


Gus goes to school

Gus's day out