It's scary here!

Hi readers! It's me, Gus! I'm settling into my new house alright, but it is full of really scary things. For example, when we go for walks, sometimes there are other people that we see. They are scary! And sometimes those people are on these contraptions that have two wheels. Those are really scary!

It's not just outside either. In the house there are definitely things to be concerned about.  When I look in the fireplace, I can see another puppy that is trapped behind the glass doors. That other puppy looks exactly like me and when I bark at him, he barks back and he sounds just like me!

Then there is the Yellow Monster. I've never seen anything like it. It's tall and skinny and has a really long tail. When Mom touches the Yellow Monster's tail to the wall, it roars really loud.

I can't imagine what other scary things await me as I further explore.


Gus's day out

Gus at home