Gus at home

To pick up the story where I left off, we brought Gus to Texas, which means he came all the way home with us. I was beside myself. I mean, the boy was OUT OF CONTROL!!

First, he played with this toy. We've had this toy for years and never played with it. Gus is obviously nuts because he didn't understand that it was not a good toy. He thought it was great.

Next, he napped on this dog bed. We've had this dog bed since September 2013, when we moved back to Texas and have maybe laid on it 3 times. Gus lays on it all the time. He needs his head examined.

Then we went for a family walk and he didn't even try to walk in the front. I mean, doesn't he know that if you're not the lead dog, the view never changes? Weirdo.

On the walk, he found an empty water bottle and thought it was just the greatest thing ever. Trust me, Mom and Dad have tried to con me into playing with a water bottle and I'm here to tell you that it's not fun.

Just when we were almost home, Gus plopped down and refused to walk anymore. So Mom had to carry him home. Can you imagine me letting Mom carry me? It would never, I mean never happen. If I let her carry me, then the next thing you know, she would want to hug me and cuddle with me and I cannot let that happen.

Then he found a plastic bag in the trash can and ran around the house with it while Mom frantically tried to get it back. --- Okay, so that was actually funny. I mean, he left a trail of purple plastic all over the house!

Maybe he won't be so bad after all.



It's scary here!

Getting Gus