Block Party!

Mom's apartment complex hosted a welcome back block party on Friday to kick off the semester. It featured free lunch, free cookies, doggie pools and doggie treat bags. Needless to say, Steve and I decided we should be the party animals.

We went for a walk first to take the edge off, but we didn't time it quite right and had to wait a few minutes for the party to get started.


Party grounds!


While Mom and Dad ate their lunch, Steve and I chilled out in the shade of this wall.


As party of the block party, there was a cornhole tournament. I thought I should be on a team.


If you aren't familiar with cornhole, it's a game where you throw bean bags (but they are filled with corn not beans) at the boards and try to get the bags to go through the hole in the middle. I'm sure I would be great at it, but Mom said my teeth might poke a hole in the corn bags, so I didn't play. It was fine though because I still got a purple tennis ball for attending the party.


Girls weekend

High Tailing it to High Bridge