High Tailing it to High Bridge

Since this is our last year to live in Virginia, Mom is trying to see everything she can before she graduates. Recently she heard about High Bridge, which used to be a railroad bridge but is now a hiking bridge thanks to the rails-to-trails program.



High Bridge was originally built in 1853. The original bridge was supported by stone pillars but the bridge was rebuilt in 1914 with steel pillars. You can see the original stone pillars still standing next to the steel pillars in this picture.


The bridge is over 2400 feet long and 125 feet high, making it one of the longest bridges in the USA. It allows crossing of the Appomattox River. During the Civil War, both the Union and Confederate Armies tried to destroy it, but, while they damaged the bridge, neither side was successful at completely destroying it.



Now High Bridge is in High Bridge State Park which includes 31 miles of trails. We only covered 4.5 miles of the trail.


I have to say that I know my dad loves me because he carried my poop for 9 miles while we did the 4.5 miles out and back!


High Bridge was very scenic and the trail was very nice, so I give it 4 paws up.


Block Party!

Okay, fine, I'll take a bath for charity