We're back

Wow. We knew it had been a while since we had blogged, but we didn't realize we missed the entire month of February.

During February, we were busy helping Mom get settled into her second semester of law school.  So far it's been pretty good but nothing very exciting for blogging.  Mom got a summer job here in Charlottesville, so we are hoping to do some fun things this summer and complete our working pack dog titles, so hopefully that will involve lots of blogging material.

Back when we moved to Virginia, while we were stopped in Missouri at our grandparents' house, Dad got to try motorcycling for the first time.  It was love at first drive, so to speak.  Mom, who likes to ruin all fun, wouldn't let Dad get a motorcycle though, something about how they needed to figure out how things would go with only one paycheck.  Dad kept the dream alive though, and researched motorcycles every chance he got.

Kat and I decided that we felt bad for Dad. He is such a great dad! He works hard to buy us our EVO, treats, and new toys.  We looked far and wide and finally found the perfect present for him... a motorcycle that matches Kat's eyes!


Dad was so surprised. He was like a little kid on his first trip to Disney World.


Kat and I are taking bets on whether he's going to kiss his new toy good night tonight!


P.S. Oh, Mom got something too. Her's isn't as good though because she spends too much time studying and not enough time playing with us.


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