Wilbur on Window Duty

Last week, during Mom’s spring break, she worked at the County Attorney’s office. To make her life easier, Steve and Kat went to stay with Dad and I stayed with Mom. All in all, it’s been pretty fun. Mom has some good windows and I like to perch in them. Outside one window, she has a tree right outside and birds and squirrels like to take up residence in the tree. Mom caught me chirping at the birds several times, trying to entice them to come inside so I could get them.

After a patrol session at the back window, I had to make sure things were okay in the front window. As you can see, all was quiet on that front.

When I am not on window duty, I like to run all around the apartment, wrecking havoc where ever I go. This is just one piece of evidence of the havoc left in my Wilbur wake.



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