Do You Mind Rules

Our pal Stella asked us to explain the Do You Mind game rules so she could play along.  So here's how it works.

The game comes in a small container, so first you have to open the container and get all the pieces.


The game comes with a score sheet, a die, a pencil, and a timer.  The score sheet has room for 15 rounds, but we have found that we lose interest, so 10 works better for us.


Everypup playing takes turns.  When it's your turn, your human rolls the die.  Whatever number you roll, you pick a card from the pile that corresponds with that number.  There are six piles, one for each number on the die.


On each card is a trick or action that your human is supposed to help you perform.  If you successfully perform the action stated on the card before the timer runs out, you get the number of points from your die roll.


At the end of the game, you add up all the points and see who wins.  We have played it with both Mom and Dad, girls against boys, and also, as you saw in our video, we have played with just Mom.  Either way, it's lots of fun and can give you ideas of new tricks to learn!


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