My first class

Wednesday was my first agility class.  It was pretty fun.  I was a little annoyed when I barely got any supper.  When we got to the horse arena where the class is, Mom let me out of the car and we walked down to the arena.  That's when Mom got told that I needed to stay in the car while Mom and the other students' moms helped set up the equipment.  So Mom took me back to the car and I screamed the Husky Death Scream while the moms set everything up.  I hope I embarrassed Mom sufficiently so she doesn't try any funny business like that again.

Here I am looking into the arena.
Mom doesn't have any pictures of the actual class because she was very busy holding my leash, the clicker and dispensing treats.  I ate almost an entire bag of those training treats.  So I guess that made up for no supper.

Mom said I was one of the best students, except for my behavior on a leash.  I jumped over the baby jump and I wasn't afraid of the baby teeter-totter like a lot of the other dogs.  Mom and I are working on our homework, so hopefully I will be even better next week!

Steve had a much different evening and he will tell you about that in our next post!

Why oh why?