Why oh why?

Wednesday night was horrible for me.  First Dad bribed me into staying outside with him while Mom and Kat were inside.  Then when I was allowed to go back inside, Kat and Mom were nowhere to be found!  I was sure that the boogie man had gotten them, but I couldn't get Dad to care at all.  I ran back and forth between the front window and the backyard, but I couldn't pick up the trail.  Then I sat down in the back yard and howled, just in case the Siberian Network knew where Mom and Kat had been taken.  It was a horrible two hours.  I thought I might die.  No amount of crying and pouting on my part inspired Dad to go look for them.

Finally Mom and Kat returned and guess what I got?  My very own ice cream cone.  Not a doggie cone either, a full-size human ice cream.  Mom felt so bad for me that I had been left home alone.  Apparently Mom and Kat were not kidnapped after all!

Here we are, dynamic duo, back together again.
Now, I understand that Mom and Kat were not kidnapped, but I hope they don't leave me like that again!


My first class