Kat and I took Mom and Dad to the PAWSwalk on Saturday.  It's a walk to raise money for the PAWS animal shelter and they raised over $200,000!  That really makes our Blogathon look weak!  

Before we went to the park, Mom and Dad stopped to get themselves some breakfast.  We had to sit in the car while they ate and you can see how that went in this video.

We got to the park early and had to do some boring standing around.  Here's Dad and Kat followed by Mom and me.Here's the start of the race.

And here's the end, except Mom messed it up and held the camera incorrectly.  (What good is having thumbs if you don't know how to use them.)  
We walked for over three miles and when we were done, we were pooped!  Kat was in her cranky pants mood and growled at everydog, so Dad was annoyed.  She doesn't look too cranky in this picture though.
We also saw Royal after the walk.  Luckily Kat had recovered from her crankiness and didn't embarrass me.  Royal is very cool.

Well, that's pretty much our weekend excitement.  Did you pups do anything exciting?

PS. Kat says she will post about school tomorrow.

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