Stowaway for Atlanta

Wilbur just left in the airport shuttle which got me thinking. Last weekend, Dad went to Atlanta for his cousin’s wedding. My good friends Sitka and Cornelia Marie live in Georgia, so I decided I wanted to go too. Sitka and Cornelia Marie go to Sonic on Fridays and so I figured that I would hide in Dad’s suitcase and then Sitka and Cornelia Marie could come pick me up at the airport. Then we could all go to Sonic on Friday night and then play all weekend long and they could take me back to the airport to meet Dad on Sunday. I let Sitka know I was coming and she said that she was very excited to drive her Jeep to the airport to get me (Cornelia Marie is too little to drive).

So Thursday night, Dad got his suitcase out. I jumped on the bed to fold myself into his suitcase.

The suitcase was quite a bit smaller than I thought. I was really disappointed. It was really sad to have to tell Sitka that I couldn’t join her and her family for Sonic and play time.

I’m going to have to get Dad a bigger suitcase for next time.


Wilbur at the airport

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