Game #1 Results

Well, the results are in. Game #1 has a winner (or two winners to be exact!)


When was the Siberian Husky first registered by the AKC?


1930 (according to the AKC)

Congratulations to Peanut and Tia! You’re both now the proud owners of a crinkly butterfly toy!  Tia, you are such an overachiever.  Tia found the name of the first registered Siberian Husky, Fairbanks Princess Chena.

Thank for playing everypup and kitty.  If you didn't win this time, keep trying because we will continue to give out prizes.  Remember our posts are released on the hour and half hour.

PS. Huffle, we're going to save some of the kitty prizes for tonight so you can still play.  We only have a few cats reading, so we want to make sure you'll be awake for those prizes.

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