Wilbur at the airport

Meow. I brought my iPhone with me to the airport so I could keep everypup and kitty up-to-date with my travels. The airport shuttle driver did not appreciate my litter box for some reason, but everything arrived safely at Sea-Tac airport. I’ve been walking around looking for the perfect airplane to board. I think I’ve found the right one. As you can see in this picture, I’m meowing with joy that such a perfect airplane exists.

Has anypup or kitty figured out where I’m going yet? I’ll give you a clue. I am definitely NOT going to live with my arch-nemesis, Khyra.  And as for all the other kitties and furry beasts who want to go on my trip, I'm really sorry, but (1) No furry beasts allowed, I'm trying to escape them and (2) this particular trip is a covert operation, but if it is successful, I will send instructions for other kitties to follow.



Our first grooming experience

Stowaway for Atlanta