Healthy Chews

Here's another Blogathon prize.  A bag of rawhide chews.  I really want to eat them, but Mom has declared them to be OFF LIMITS!

Today I was a contestant in the City Dog magazine cover dog contest.  I had some good fun, but I'm not going to reveal the results just yet.  I want to keep you guessing, as the results will be revealed on Saturday during Blogathon.  I will tell you that the best part was the ice cream bar that Mom shared with me.  She ate the chocolate off the outside and I ate the vanilla ice cream on the inside.  We really worked hard on that team effort!  Another cool thing about the cover dog contest is that $1300 was raised for a local animal sanctuary.  Since the entries cost $10 per pup, that means that I had a lot of competition.

Kat and I have had a big weekend.  Dad went to Atlanta for his cousin's wedding, so I had to be the man of the house and Kat and I both had to keep Mom from getting bored.  We helped her clean the house, sew some curtains, and we went to the groomer.  We also got some new dog food.  We'll share pics of all of these activities on Saturday during Blogathon.  (We've got to have 49 posts, so we have to start saving material sometime.)

Until next time, WOO!

Big Prize Announcement

Kitty Magnets