Big Prize Announcement

We have a huge prize announcement today.  Many of you are fans of some very famous Kansas Siberians, Stormy, Amber, Zim, and Dave, the Army of Four!  As you know, Dave works extra hard as a Guide Dog to the Color Blind to make sure that his mom sews things together that will be absolutely beautiful.  Well, Dave and his mom have been working very hard on a special prize for Blogathon.  We're VERY proud to unveil a special ONE OF A KIND KZK original bag, special for Blogathon!

Check out the cool wolf fabric on each side.
And there's a cute pocket in the inside.
Here's what the Ao4 mom had to say about the bag:
It's fully lined in an olive green twill and has a large inside pocket.  The tote is about 16x17-inches.  Handles are also olive green twill.

So here's the scoop.  Because this is such a special prize and impossible to get anywhere else, we are going to raffle it off at the very end of Blogathon.  To be entered into the drawing for this prize, you have to have donated $50 or more dollars to our very worthy cause - Save our Siberians!  Many pups are already eligible to win this cool prize.  Your moms will look great taking this tote bag to the dog park.  If you are not eligible for this prize, then we'd love for you to donate today!  Just send us an email at stevekatwilbur AT gmail DOT com.  Let us know the amount of your donation.  If you've already made a donation and want to increase it in the hopes that you can win this amazing bag, email us that too.

All of the dog toys that we've been advertising this month are fair game for any level of donation, so everyone is eligible to win something.

We have another high-end prize (also in the $50+ donation raffle) to reveal tomorrow.

Thanks for your support pups!

Edited: In response to Khyra's comment, no, Wilbur will not be traveling in the bag.  The bag will be shipped directly from the Ao4, so there will be no possibility of Wilbur contaminating the beautiful bag.

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