Kitty Magnets

This is a horrible picture, blame my mom, but this Blogathon prize is a set of magnets with kitties on them.  Mom says the flash kept reflecting.  She's full of excuses.

Anyway, I wanted to comment on a comment left by Ari and his mom.  They say:
"What a great day!  It sounds like a lot of fun, though the pictures of Kat make us laugh because she always looks more like an evil genius about to take over the world for insidious intent.  It's a good thing we know she's really a sweetheart inside."

Frankly, this comment insults me.  If anyone in this family is an evil genius planning to take over the world for insidious intent, it is ME!  Obviously, I'm doing an excellent job of hiding my true purpose in life.  But the girl furry beast is totally not capable of anything evil.  She's a kissy, gooey mess of a cuddle husky.  She could never be as skilled as I am.

Perhaps someday I will blog about my world takeover plans.  I could probably get some of the feline Cat Pack members to help me out.


PS. Kat says thanks for the comment, Ari.  She's glad you think she's a sweetheart.

Healthy Chews

Cute little puppy