I caught a squirrel

Happy Sunday!  I caught a squirrel the other day.  It's got a nice bushy tail and Mom lets me bring it in the house.  She even lets me bring it to bed.  It used to squeak, but I chomped down on it and it stopped.  Mom says it has replaceable squeakers so I never know when it might start squeaking again.  I'm sure I'll be able to make it stop again too.  Here's a picture of me sleeping with my squirrel in the office.  I named him Nutsy.

Here's another blogathon prize.  It's a rose and when you squeeze it, it says "I love you".  Now, I'm pretty experienced with the ladies and I know that ladies love flowers.  They also love it when men say "I love you" to them.  So I'm pretty sure that if you do something bad like chew up your mom's favorite shoes, all you have to do is give her this rose and squeeze it so it tells her that you love her.  You won't get in trouble at all.


I'm an award winning cat

Yellow Ducky & Wilbur!