I'm an award winning cat

Huffle gave me an award called the Cool Cat award.  I'm sure every one who knows me will agree that I truly am a cool cat.  I also feel the need to comment on Huffle's amazing art talent.  She's very good at designing cool pictures for blogs.  Anyway, the way the Cool Cat works is that you win and then you nominate five other cool cats to win.  Huffle says dogs can win too, but you know my feelings about furry beasts.  I'm only going to nominate real felines.  So here's who I am nominating:

1. Tia - She used to live the good life, but now she has two furry beasts.  She needs all the cheering up she can get, so I hope this award helps.
2. Shelby - It must be hard living with Flash and Peanut.  They seem to get into a lot of trouble though, so maybe it's entertaining.
3. Bones and Loki - I am pretty sure that part of all the trouble Marley and Ziggy get into is because Bones and Loki carefully craft situations so the furry beasts will walk into a room and get in trouble.  I have much to learn from these cool cats.
4. Mama, MrSippi, and Carolina - I think it's pretty cool how these cats not only have awesome names, but one has the name of "Mama" which obviously means she's the boss of everything.
5. Witty Kitty - Witty Kitty is another feline with a great name.  He also gets to go on walks with his furry beasts.  So he's not only cool, he's brave.

Finally, we have this alligator blogathon prize.  I don't know much about alligators, but I'm sure they taste like chicken.


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