Yellow Ducky & Wilbur!

Hello furry beasts and my lovely Tia and Huffle.  I have the latest Blogathon prize installment today.  It's a yellow ducky.  Not a rubber ducky as Ernie from Sesame Street sings about.  This yellow ducky is a stuffy that you furry beasts are so fond of.
Anyway, the other day, I had my fill of my furry beasts, so while Mom was taking pictures of all the blogathon prizes, I decided to try to pack myself away in the box of prizes.  
Huffle has offered me safe haven in Australia, so I thought maybe I could travel there to live in the land down under.  Huffle doesn't have any furry beasts, so it sounds perfect.  I just have to convince my mom to offer me up as the grand prize.


I caught a squirrel

Giggly Blue Fire Hydrant