Giggly Blue Fire Hydrant

So yesterday, I was being very pouty and depressed.  Mom told me that she really felt sorry for me and that I live a rough life.  She told me it's very difficult to go through life getting a treat stuffed Kong every morning, having to eat premium dog food, being forced to sleep on a king sized bed every night and having to run around in a big backyard.  She is so right.  It is a very tough life, but some dog's got to do it.

That's why I like to do Blogathon.  Through SOS-SRF, we can raise money to pay for rescued dogs' medical care so they can find furever homes and have a better life than what I have.

Last year we gave away a pink giggly fire hydrant during Blogathon. The Kapp Pack won it and I have heard it was a big hit. This year we have a blue one to give away. It is really cute and makes cute giggly noises. I'm sure it would be a big hit at your house too!

KatSo if you want to win this prize, please sponsor us in the blogathon. Your money will go directly to help Sibes across the country through SOS-SRF. Here's how:

1. Email your pledge information (name and pledge amount) to us at stevekatwilbur AT gmail DOT com.
2. Fulfill your pledge either before or after Blogathon on the SOS-SRF homepage by clicking the Paypal button (look for the special Blogathon button) or sending a check to their address.

Yellow Ducky & Wilbur!

Super Cool Leash!