Working Dogs

Hi! Steve again. Mom told us we are going camping this weekend. I have no idea what camping is, but I am always up for new adventures, so I was excited. Then she came up with these things called backpacks. I've seen Mom and Dad wear backpacks when we went snowshoeing and they carried our treats and poop inside them, so I have no problem with a backpack-- until she tried to put it on me! Look at me. It was torture.Even Kat hated it.Apparently we are going to go hiking over the camping trip too and for some reason, Mom and Dad want us to carry our own poop. It should really be a joy for them to pick up our poop, bag it, and carry it for miles in their backpacks, but apparently they don't get that.

Then Dad tried to bribe us into liking our backpacks by giving us some treats. I'll admit that worked pretty well.Then Kat and I ran around for a while outside in our backpacks and when we came back inside, Mom took them off. She said something about how that was enough for today and we'd have to wear them again tomorrow. We shall see about that!


PS. We are going to a husky picnic on Saturday so that's why we are going camping. WOO!


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