We just got back from our camping weekend.  We're going to post about it in three different posts: camping, picnic, and hiking.  Today is camping.

Did you know when you go camping that you have to sleep in a big crate with your humans?  Our crate is blue and grey.  Here is a picture of it.
We, of course, can't be expected to sleep on the ground like dogs.  I mean, we're not dogs, we're Siberians!  So I slept on the cot with Mom and Kat slept on the sleeping bag Mom laid out for her.  Here we are.  Notice I'm working hard at keeping Mom's legs warm.
When camping, Dad cooks hamburgers.  Of course, I tried my hardest to get a hamburger, but I only got Canidae.  I did get some carrots from Mom though.
In case you ever go camping, here are some tips.  It's important to keep watch over your campsite.  Here's Kat demonstrating sentry duty.  No animal or person would get past her!
It's also important to have fun.  Here I am relaxing in the horseshoe pit.
And here's Kat having a fun roll in the grass.
Finally, at night, you should do your best to look super cute.  Kat's doing a good job in this photo.
I hope you enjoyed my camping tips!  Next we'll tell you about the Husky Picnic!

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