Furry 5K

Hi pups! Long time no blog. We ran out of batteries in our keyboard and then it took us forever to get Mom to go to the store for more. So we couldn't paw out any new blogs for like a week! We've finally caught up on reading most everypups blogs, so now we thought we'd give you an update on what we've been doing.

On Sunday, we raced in the Furry 5K. We didn't really race, but we completed the whole thing. It was really fun. Here's a picture of us with Dad before the race started. We look pretty tired. That's because we had to park like half a mile away, so we had already had a lot of excitement. Plus there were tons of dogs there, so we had to be on high alert. One volunteer told Mom that there were over 1000 dogs expected (plus their humans, but who cares about them). We had a lot of fun. When we finished the whole 5K, there were tons of people cheering for us at the finish line. It was tons of fun. Here are some pictures of us after the race: here and here. They were taken by a volunteer of the event.

Well, that's our news for today. We have a big weekend coming up in a few days, so we'll tell you about that next, along with some abuse we have endured.

PS. Wilbur did not get to go to the Furry 5K. I guess he's not furry enough.

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