Digging Contest

Mom decided to plant some stuff in the empty flower beds in the back yard.  So we had a digging contest - Mom versus me.  The winner gets the title of digger extraordinaire!

Here's my digging.
And a close up.
Here's Mom's.
Her close up.  It's a pathetic excuse for a hole in my opinion.
So who do you think won the contest?

I will post pictures soon of the finished product.  Mom is also going to put a window box with some flowers on the front of the Siberian Clubhouse, so I will post those pictures too.  I don't think she's going to get it done until next weekend though.

Luckily, Mom and Dad have pretty much finished everything in the guest house where they live.  So that means more time to hang out in the backyard with us and work on the clubhouse!  Dad is going to build a new ladder so Steve and I can get on top of the clubhouse easier.  Also, the current ladder is next to the fence, so they have some crazy idea that we would try to climb the ladder to jump over the fence.  Where do they get these ideas?  So Dad is also going to try to move the ladder away from the fence.


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