Clubhouse Update

We've done some redecorating in the Siberian Clubhouse, so I thought I would give you pups a tour.  (We still have some work to do to the outside though.)

First we hung some pictures up.  On one side, I hung up some pin-up pictures of my darling, Thunder.  He's so handsome.  (Paws off, ladies, he's taken!)
Above my pictures of Thunder, I hung up a picture of two huskies running in the snow.  Oh, how I wish one of them was me!
Opposite my pictures, Steve has some pictures of Khyra.  He especially loves the picture of her snooter in the snow.
Above that, he has a picture of another husky laying in the snow.
Last night, we had Mom sew us some pillows for the clubhouse.  Here's what they look like.  (We need to get our maid to vacuun the clubhouse, huh?)
This is a close-up of the fabric.  I think it's cute.  It says, "Woof", but I think the "f" is silent, so it's really "Woo".  :-)
Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Come over and visit anytime!


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