We interrupt this program...

Meow, Wilbur here.  Steve and Kat are going to have to take a break from their dog park series because they are in jail at the vet.  And as much as some pups like to say, I had nothing to do with it.

On Sunday morning, Steve and Kat stole some banana nut bread off the counter.  (No, I did not push it to the edge for them to get it.)  Then Sunday night, Kat didn't want to eat her supper.  Steve gobbled his up, but later threw it all up on the floor.  It was disgusting, let me tell you.  Kat was also acting very pathetic and curling into balls on Mom's lap whenever she could.

Then all night Sunday night/Monday morning, Steve and Kat wanted to go outside, but when they got outside, they would try to do some business but nothing really came out, if you know what I mean.  Steve did have a couple accidents in the bathroom.  He's one smart pup, I will admit, for not going on the carpet.
Finally the last straw was in the morning when Mom was getting ready for work.  Steve jumped off the bed and with no warning, had a gross accident in the bathroom that was kind of bloody.

Mom thought he might have giarrdia, so she loaded both furry beasts into the car to drop them off at the vet on her way to work.  Later in the morning the vet called to tell Mom that they both had fevers and to ask Mom some more questions about how the furry beasts were acting at home.  Mom answered the vet's questions and the vet said she wanted to run a blood test for pancreatitis.  Mom said sure.  An hour or two later, the vet called back to say they both had pancreatitis.  The treatment for that is 48 hours of no food or water.  To prevent the furry beasts from drying up, they have to stay at the vet on IV feeding and fluids.

Mom and Dad went to visit them last night.  The furry beasts got all hyper when they initially saw Mom and Dad, but then got tired pretty quickly.  Mom took them some toys from home.  Dad wanted to take me for them, but I put my paw down.  The vet told Mom and Dad that Steve and Kat should be able to go home Wednesday evening.

I'll claw out an update when I have one.
Mom, why do I have to stay here?
Oh, Mom, stop hugging.  It's embarrassing.
I can still be Superman while I'm sick.
Thank you for bringing me toys.  They are MINE!
Okay, Dad.  Let's have a talk.  You're going to take me home with you, got it?

We're back....

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