We're back....

Woo, hoo, hoo pups!  We are back!  Mom went to the vet yesterday on her way home.  She wanted to visit us, but the vet met with her and said that she could just take us home!  We were so happy.  Mom didn't tell Dad that she brought us home either, so we surprised him when he got home from work.

We sure think he was thrilled to see us, even though he seemed pretty distracted by our smelly breath.  We can't help it.  We have to eat this special food for a few days and it makes us stinky from both ends, if you catch our drift.  Mom says it has a lot of fiber, whatever that is.

We have been so hungry, but Mom won't dish out the treats or food!  Steve just stood staring at his bowl and nothing happened.  
Mom gives us some food, but it's just not enough, but she says we can have more food each day, but no treats for a few days.  NO TREATS?  That's doggie abuse if you ask us.

We have been very tired since we got home, so we are going to go back to napping.  Thank you for all your well wishes.  They really worked because we got to come home a day early!  You pups are the best!

Steve and Kat

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