How to Go to the Dog Park, Part 1

We went to the dog park yesterday.  We are aware that several of our friends never get to go to dog parks, so we thought we'd do a multiple part series on how to get your parents to take you to the dog park.  Here's how it goes at our house.

Mom goes outside and sees that it's a sunny day.  She comes inside and says to Dad, "It's really nice outside.  I think we should take Steve and Kat to the D.P."  Mom thinks that we don't know that "D.P." stands for "dog park".  We do know that, but we go along with the ruse and only get excited at the full words "dog park".

So after Dad agrees with Mom that going to the "D.P." is a good idea, Mom then asks us if we want to go.  We had her video this process so you pups could get it just right.  First you have to tilt your head when your parent first asks you if you want to go.  Then upon the second question, go nuts!  Show them that you want to go really badly!  Even though you're obviously going nuts and want to go, humans feel that they need to ask you several times if you want to go.  It's like they don't understand how we communicate.  Don't get discouraged, humans aren't as smart as canines, and they will eventually get the message.

Next we will cover how to actually get your parents out of the house.

We interrupt this program...

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