Too much energy!

Mom says we have too much energy this morning. Gee, I wonder why? We didn't get a walk yesterday. Dad was busy and Mom has a giant foot that won't fit in a shoe. Why that is a good excuse for not taking a walk, I do not know. Steve and I walk every day with no shoes. But can Mom do it one day? Nooooo. So that's why we have too much energy this morning.


Oh, in case you're wondering what happened to Mom's foot, here's the story. Sunday, Dad was mowing the front yard, so Mom was on poop patrol in the back yard before he started mowing in the back. During her patrol, she stepped into a mound of fire ants. She got bit and is having some reaction to it, so her foot has swollen up. She had to wear flip flops to work yesterday because the shoes she tried to wear were hurting her giant foot too much. Mom says she likes Texas, but cannot wait to get away from fire ants. She never had to deal with them until she moved to Texas four years ago. No matter how often Dad puts that ant stuff all over the yard, we still get fire ants. I can kinda sympathize with Mom. I stuck my nose in a fire ant pile as a puppy and if Mom hadn't been there to rescue me, it could have been bad. I had ants all over my face and front paws. But I still wanted to go for walks, so I don't feel that bad for her.

PS. We got an email from Ulee's new family. They were watching the video of Mom and me in the kissing contest and Ulee heard Steve's whining. Ulee started looking all over her new home for Steve! Isn't that cute? Other that missing handsome Steve, Ulee is doing great in California. She loves going to the beach and dog park and is part of a husky group at her dog park. She has also been enrolled in school. So it sounds like she's living the good life!

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