Thank Woo Holly!!

Saturday when Mom went outside to get the mail, guess what she found? A package for us from Holly! We don't get a lot of mail, so we were really excited to check out our package.Guess what was inside? First there was a very lovely card with Holly's picture on the front.We gave the card a good sniffing and look over. Holly is a very beautiful Malamute!
Inside the package we found a package of beef flavored Healthy Edibles and a book. The book is called "The Taz Adventures: Dogged and Determined". We can't wait to read about Taz the husky's adventures. Maybe Mom will read them to us as bedtime stories.I was very interested in the Healthy Edibles bones.Since we had been out in the heat at the Pow Wow, and also because we behaved really well at the event, Mom let us have the bones right away. They were so yummy.Thank woo so much Holly! You're the best Mal-gal!!

Steve (and Kat too)

PS. If you want to see a great video of Kat's dancing skills, head over to Sitka's blog.

Too much energy!

Bow Wow Pow Wow