Vehicle Tag

MayaMarie tagged us to play Vehicle Tag! We have to come up with which vehicle fits our personalities. We decided to go with airplanes because we're supposed to go on our first airplane ride this weekend if the weather is nice and our pilot (Mom) isn't being lazy. (Stay tuned for pictures!)

For me, Kat, I would be a Mooney. It's sleek and fast, just like me.Steve would be a Cessna 172. It's an easy going airplane, just like Steve is an easy going husky. It's also forgiving for student pilots who are learning how to land, and Steve is pretty forgiving as long as he gets treats.Wilbur would be an Extra 300. It's a small, fast, aerobatic airplane, and Wilbur is definitely small, fast, and acrobatic!

High Flying Huskies

Too much energy!