The Foster Abuse Continues

Poor, poor Ulee. All she wanted was a nice home to stay in until she found her fur-ever home. Instead she came to stay with us where she just continues to be abused. Kat already told you how she got Furminated on her first day here. Well, that's nothing compared to what happened yesterday. Yesterday she got Furminated again and then she got a bath! Gasp!! Oh sure, she's having some sick tummy issues and she pooped in her crate and got poop on her paws and legs, but I'm not sure which is worse - poopy paws or a bath.

Mom and Dad say Ulee feels so nice and soft after her bath. Ulee doesn't have lots of fluffy fur like we do. Dad says now that she's eating some good ole Canidae at our house, her fur will be nice and fluffy in no time.

Anyway, I just wanted to report in and document Ulee's poor treatment at our house. I'm just glad I didn't have to take a bath too!

Here's a picture of Ulee drying off on one of our new dog beds. (I'll have to post about the new beds later.) Steve

Ulee's on Dogster! And we got new beds!

Happy Birthday Mom!