Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is Mom's birthday. We did lots of searching on the internet for the perfect present for her and once we found it, we sent Dad to the store to buy the presents.

Here's what we got her.On the left is Wilbur's present. It's the Amazing Dog Trick Kit. The store had an Amazing Cat Trick Kit, but Wilbur told Dad that he doesn't want Mom getting ideas that she can teach Wilbur tricks. So he wanted her to get her trick teaching fix on the "furry beasts". (That's a quote from Wilbur.)

On the right is what Kat and I got Mom. It's the Healthy Doggie Biscuit Box. It has three cookie cutters and a recipe book full of dog treat recipes. I know how Mom's favorite thing in the whole world is making me treats, so I thought she would adore this present. I can't wait for her to start enjoying it! I'm sure Ulee will like treats as well.

So happy birthday Mom! I'll try to not shed for today only so you don't have to vacuum.

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