Ulee's on Dogster! And we got new beds!

Ulee is gone today getting "fixed". (I'm not sure what's wrong with her.) She has to spend the night at the vet and will be back tomorrow. In her absence, we made a Dogster page for her. Check it out.

Yesterday Steve mentioned how we got some new beds. We got them last week on the day that we escaped from our kennel and chewed up the rug. I think that Mom gave them to us as a present for our awesome redecorating. Anyway, they are enormous beds (48-inch diameter!) and Mom ordered them online. She and Dad went back and forth trying to decide whether to get us each a bed or make us share. In the end, we each got one, which is good because now Ulee can use one and Steve and I can share the other one. (Ulee and I don't yet like each other enough to share a bed.)

Anyway, here's Steve and me investigating the boxes. There was a box for each of us.Then we unpacked the beds, with Mom's help. (The video is pretty bad because Mom was trying to hold the camera and unpack the beds all at the same time.)

Here's a picture of me testing the bed. I gave it the Kat Stamp of Approval!I hope all of you have nice beds!

Woo Hoo! Dog Treats!

The Foster Abuse Continues