Woo Hoo! Dog Treats!

Mom and Dad don't think Ulee has a very healthy coat right now, so Mom was looking through the dog treat recipe book that we gave her for her birthday and found a couple recipes using blackstrap molasses that is supposed to improve coats. So Mom decided to make some treats for us. First she had to go to a couple stores to find blackstrap molasses. I know that no trouble is too much trouble when it comes to me, so I'm sure she didn't mind.

Then she made the two recipes with the molasses. One had some canned pumpkin in it as well and the other recipe had mint for good breath. Mom also had some bananas that were getting kind of smooshy so she made a third recipe just for me. (Anypup who knows me knows that I go ape for bananas!)

Here's a picture of the treats. Mom used a bunch of different cookie cutters. I mentioned that it could be considered cannibalism for us to eat the dog shaped treats, but I can't say I turned it down when she gave me one.
Here's a video of us trying the treats. (Note: We are not allowed on the ottoman for treats, but since Ulee seems to be afraid of us, she constantly tries to get places where she is really close to Mom or Dad so they can protect her. We also have to wear our leashes around all time time so that when Kat gets in fights with Ulee, Mom and Dad can grab a leash to break them up. No fun.)

Well, I better go see if I can get some more treats out of Mom. Those banana ones are yummy!

PS. As you can see, Ulee is back from being "fixed". I can't see what they fixed about her. She acts the same as before.

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