Red, Black, and White Smackdown

I saw this post on the Army of Four's blog. It made me think of an "incident" that happened with Ulee on Monday night. We had all been outside doing some last minute bathroom business before bed. (Everyone except Wilbur, of course!) Ulee and I were getting along fine outside. Then Dad let us in the house and had Ulee on her leash and was leading her to her crate for bed and I was waiting on a treat from Mom. Well, I don't know what got into me, but I saw Ulee walking with Dad and I just snapped and lunged for her. Dad still had Ulee's leash, so he was trying to pull Ulee away from me, but then her collar came off, so he had to go for my leash. When he got us apart, Ulee immediately went in her kennel, but she was crying and not putting weight on her front leg. Mom was worried that I had bit Ulee and broken her leg. Then Mom looked at me. I was dripping blood all over the bedroom floor. At this point, Mom went to call Ulee's foster coordinator to see if it was okay to take Ulee to the ER vet. So I followed Mom into the other room, dripping blood everywhere I went. Dad checked Ulee over and couldn't find any blood on her, but she was still crying. Then Dad came out to check me over. He wiped all the blood off my face and I didn't keep bleeding, so he decided I was okay. By the time Mom got off the phone, Ulee was walking on her leg again, but Dad did find a small cut on her elbow, so he thought that's why she was holding her paw up and that she was crying because she was scared. So we didn't go to the ER vet.

Mom and Dad keep telling me that I have to be nice to Ulee. It's just so hard though. She's invaded MY house, she tries to sit on MY dad's lap, and she sometimes rests her head on MY mom's knee. Ulee is also afraid of me, so she tries to walk far away from me and when she has to walk past me, she walks really low to the ground. So I can just see that she's scared and I sometimes can't control my urge to attack her.

Steve says Ulee's not that bad and when I fight with her, Steve just stands back watching with a look on his face that says, "Girls are stupid."

By the way, yesterday, Mom looked at my face to see about my injury and she couldn't even see where the cut was. Apparently, I magically heal. Anyway, I hope all of my blogging friends will still like me now that you all know that I am a secret meanie-head (as Steve says). Mom says that if I don't start behaving, she's going to have a breakdown. I think she's kidding. I hope.


Hungry, hungry Steve

Woo Hoo! Dog Treats!