From Steve

Hi everybody, it's me Steve. I took a break from hogging the new toys to say a few things.

First, thanks to Marley for my Rockin' Guy Blogger award. Awesome, dude. (How rockin' did I sound right there? I think very!)

Second, I wanted to say that you guys gave some really good guesses on the prize riddle. My favorite guess was from Zim of the Army of Four who guessed that the prize was a straight jacket. That was a really clever guess. We will probably be posting the answer this weekend. I'll just say that some of you are right. Hmmm....

Third, thanks to our awesome Blogathon sponsors, we've got pledges of $278 for Adopt a Husky of Dallas. So cool, but we don't want to stop there! In fact, we've gotten word that we'll be getting some more prize donations from an Adopt a Husky member! Mom is going to go pick them up this weekend, so we'll post pictures then. Currently we have 13 sponsors and 12 prizes (plus whatever Mom picks up this weekend) so your odds of winning are REALLY good. If you haven't sponsored us yet, you totally should because you could win a prize, and what is better than prizes? We're going to have some contests during Blogathon but other prizes will be given away by a raffle, so you won't even have to be reading the blog in real time to win! Good luck!

Well, I better get back to toy hogging!

Prize Unveiling

Christmas in July!