Christmas in July!

We have the bestest doggie friends! Today, when Mom and Dad got home from work, we discovered a box on the porch. It was addressed to us! We were totally excited. You'll never guess who it was from? That's right, our good friends from Georgia, Sitka and Tia!

Steve and I couldn't wait to rip open the box.Once we got it open, we discovered great stuff inside. Mom helped us unpack the box and she just wouldn't stop talking!

Then we decided to play with our Santa rhinos. Wilbur wanted to see what Tia sent him as well. I think he thinks he has a girlfriend! Of course, she's older than him, but he must have a thing for older women! That's Wilbur, the playboy.

I like the rhinos. Their grunting is so cool. Mom said that it's easier to listen to than the squeaking cuzes. I don't know what she means by that. Steve really likes the Santa rhinos. He was totally hogging them. Mom had to steal them from him to take the tags off! We haven't gotten to eat out treats yet. Steve's had an icky tummy the past couple days, so he's on very limited food intake. Of course, that means that I don't get any good stuff either. If Steve would stop trying to eat everything he finds on our walks, then he might not get icky tummies!

Thank you so much Sitka and Tia!!

Kat (and Steve and Wilbur)

From Steve

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