Dog Park and Playground

Yesterday we went to the dog park. It had been a REALLY long time since we've been because it has been raining so much and Mom and Dad thought the dog park would be muddy. The end of this week, it's been hot and sunny though, so they decided that it might be safe for us to go. Here's a picture of me.

You might be wondering what is all over my face and paws. Well that would be mud. Mom and Dad were so wrong about it being safe to go to the dog park and not get dirty and so I decided to make sure they knew it. Kat didn't get nearly as muddy as I did. I'm not sure what's wrong with her.

So after getting all dirty, Mom and Dad made us walk around the park until we dried off and the dirt fell off. We found a playground without any little humans. Kat begged to play on the jungle gym and Mom said sure. Kat really liked the tunnel.
There was also a double slide and I went down it with Dad. Kat had already gone down the slide with Mom, but she was a scardy-dog and sat on Mom's lap. Not me. I told Dad that he had to go down on his side by himself and I was going down my side by myself like the tough dog that I am.

Do any of you pups get to play on jungle gyms?


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