Things about me

I got tagged on Dogster by Kiya to write seven things about myself. So here goes.

1. I am better at minding than Steve, but I don't know "heel" very well. Other than that, I do my other commands much quicker than Steve does.

2. I'm the alpha of the pets in my house. Well, I don't know about Wilbur. His pack status is hard to determine. His claws and teeth kind of give him a status all his own.

3. I am pretty quiet and I don't bark too much.

4. I love kisses. In fact, if my mom ever tries to kiss my dad, like if they are watching TV and sitting on the couch, then I run over and jump up and try to get in on the kissing action too. It happens pretty much every time.

5. I always have to go potty as soon as the alarm clock goes off. Once I hear the "beep, beep" then I sit by the bed so Mom or Dad will wake up and let me go outside. If they don't wake up fast enough, then I jump on the bed to assist them in waking up.

6. I don't like being Furminated. Steve is good and just stands and lets Mom Furminate him, but not me.

7. People who see me think I am mean. Sometimes kids at the dog park are afraid of me because they think I'm a wolf. Usually once they pet me, they see that I'm nice though.

Well, those are some things about me.

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