Our Collars - Updated

Last week I wrote about our collars. Then I wrote about how I broke mine on the farm last weekend. Here's a picture of my broken collar. You can see that plastic snap-on collars are no match for my sleek, 37 pounds of pure muscle.

So Mom and Dad decided that we needed something tougher. They don't want to have any huskies on the run! Today we went shopping and I picked out the prettiest collar I could find. It is so beautiful, don't you think?
I like the little bones on it and it is pink, my trademark color. (Sometimes humans think I am a boy, so I have to wear pink.) Here is a close up picture in case you can't see the bones. It also has a bone charm that hangs down from the loop where my tags go.
And here's me modeling it.
Oh, and I picked one out for Steve. It's the same, but blue. And bigger because Steve is bigger. Steve is a really good model, so you can see his collar really well in this picture. Don't you think Steve should be in movies or commercials? He is so good at working the camera.
Well, I am off to jingle around the house with all my tags and the bone charm on my collar. Wilbur is very jealous because my collar is nicer and more jingle-y than his. I guess I should have looked to see if they had matching ones for cats. Maybe I will do that on my next shopping trip.


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