Wilbur is 2

In all of the excitement from Mom's return, we forgot to write that yesterday was Wilbur's birthday. He is two now. Mom, the aspiring comedian, said that she doesn't know how the "terrible twos" will be when the "ornery ones" were bad enough. (I know, we don't think it's that funny either.)

Anywoo, to celebrate Wilbur's birthday, we had a birthday party for the family. Mom made cupcakes that are supposed to look like Wilbur. I'm not so sure that they actually do look like Wilbur, but whatever, Mom liked them. Unfortunately she did not let me or Kat try one.

Also Mom made homemade ice cream. Luckily she did let Kat and I have some of that!Wilbur got his own birthday cake. It was a tender beef feast from Fancy Feast (luckily NOT on the recall list). He seemed to really enjoy it. I wanted to try some, but Wilbur was being such a hog. All in all, I'd say Wilbur had a good birthday. We gave him a container of Aquari-Yums. He likes those. The only bad part was that Mom made all of us put on these silly hats to take a picture. She's a little strange sometimes.


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