Food Shortage

Hi puppies! It's Steve again and I want to write about a scare we had here this weekend. Sunday morning when Mom was getting our breakfast, here's what we saw.

Did you see what was wrong in that picture? That's right, our food storage container was almost empty! We could see the bottom! Even Wilbur was worried and it wasn't even his food.
Well, after breakfast, Dad disappeared for a while and when he returned, he had a giant bag of Canidae on his shoulder. That made me happy, but I still wasn't sure it was going to be enough. Once he had dumped it into the storage container, I inspected again.It wasn't quite full, but I decided it was good enough for now. Whew, crisis averted. That was hard work! (Dad also brought home some Felidae for Wilbur, and I was glad since Wilbur had shown so much concern for us.)


Note: Some of you might be wondering how many scoops it takes to feed two huskies. Well, the answer is that if your parents are both engineers, they like to be exact, so they measure out our food precisely with those red scoops. I guess they don't want us to get too much food, but I'm sure I could eat it!

Dish Dog

Wilbur is 2