Mom's Back!

Mom came home from Atlanta yesterday. She was supposed to get back in the morning, but her flight got messed up, so it was almost 5 PM by the time she got back. Steve and I were going crazy missing her all day! Luckily, Dad surprised us by taking us with him when he went to the airport to get her. We didn’t even know where we were going, but the car stopped and there was Mom, standing there waiting for us! We were really excited. When she got in the car, we tried to climb over the seat and get in her lap! She brought us toys too! She brought me a yellow ball with a daisy on it that she said is cute like me. She brought Steve a monkey with long arms and legs and makes screeching noises. She says it’s silly like Steve. We got to play with them in the car. I went a little crazy with my ball as you can see in this video.

Anyway, before we took Mom home, we swung by the dog park. It was a different dog park than we usually go to, but we wanted to check it out. It was nice, but we sorta got in trouble there. You see, there was a bucket full of water and before Mom and Dad knew what was happening, we had put our whole faces and front parts of our bodies in the bucket. Then we ended up tipping it over and spilling all of the water out and getting mud all over ourselves. So they wouldn’t let us play in the water anymore because we had to dry out to get back in the car to go home. Mom says that she will buy us a swimming pool for the summer, so we are excited!! I will be sure to video that for everyone when it happens.


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