I like shoes

This is really hard for me to admit, but I like shoes. One pair of Mom's shoes in particular. I know, I know, no self respecting male should like shoes so much, but I can't help it. They have these little beads on them and I just love to chew on them. I've already chewed off one bead, but I just want to chew off more of them. Mom tries to be really clever and hide her shoes from me by putting them under the coffee table. This used to work, but last night I found a way to get them. It was so genius that Dad (I guess I'll start calling him that since they got married, even though he wasn't around when I was adopted) took a picture of me to send to Mom in Georgia. The only problem with my plan is that I don't have a lot of room for movement and chewing under the coffee table. And the fact that after Dad caught me under the coffee table he put the shoes away in the closet where I can't get to them. Until next time, shoes...


Mom's Back!