New Nickname & New Place to Sleep

I have a new nickname. "Honey Head". You probably think that's a very strange name. It all happened on Christmas...

Mom was making some honey wheat bread and she had some honey in a measuring cup. After she had dumped the honey in the mixing bowl, there was still honey left on the sides.  So when she went to put the measuring cup in the dishwasher, I wanted to help and stuck my head under the top rack of the dishwasher and some honey dripped all over my head!  Dad tried to clean me all up, but honey is pretty sticky and I still have some dried in the fur on my head between my ears.  Mom says it will wear off and now she calls me Honey Head.  She says it fits me because I am a very sweet puppy.  (And yes, she still calls me a puppy and says she will do that forever.)

Another thing I have new is a new place to sleep.  I saw Wilbur sleeping on Mom's lap on the couch and I decided to try it.  Let me tell you pups, it is awesome.  If you're allowed on the furniture, you should definitely try it.  If you're not allowed on the furniture (as we weren't at first) try to cuddle and the parents will probably give in to your cute cuddliness (worked for me).  Anyway, now that I have decided it's good to sleep on Mom, Wilbur and I are learning to share her.  (Mom says she looks ugly and stupid in this picture and I should not post it.  I am looking cute and Wilbur looks pretty tasty, I mean handsome, so I'm posting it anyway.  Ignore my mom.  She had just woke up.)
Have a great day!

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